2 to 5 October 2020 


Renaissance counterpoint 

Improvising and writing Renaissance counterpoint 

During the Renaissance, the art of counterpoint included the practice of written composition as well as improvised counterpoint, or «singing on the book». 


But... following the disciplining of music established since the 19th century, writing, solfeggio, analysis, counterpoint, harmony, etc., were taught separately. On the contrary, we will try to revive the global practice that was the norm in the Ancien Régime. 


We therefore want to approach music in a complex way, and do everything at once: singing the repertoire, reading it, composing it and improvising it. 

During this workshop, we will devote our time to two main practices: composing and improvising in the style of the Renaissance - which will also involve spending time reading and analyzing written pieces with the help of songs. 

It is therefore a novelty in the tradition of our spring courses to give more time to writing! 


The program 

Thematic workshops (written and improvised counterpoint in 2 voices, 3 voices, 4 voices) will be proposed to the trainees according to their level and wishes. 


For whom ? 

This workshop is for all musicians, amateurs and professionals, singers and instrumentalists. No previous experience of counterpoint, written or improvised, is essential; you just need to know how to read and write music!

Teachers : Jean-Yves HAYMOZ, Barnabé JANIN